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After a lot of hard work, drama, and driving; we’ve made it to our new place!



Hard Work:

Wednesday morning we went and picked up the truck from Penske and then came to our apartment.  There were a couple of guys there to help us load the truck at first until each left for work.  We were trying to at least get the house empty by 2pm when our inspection was scheduled.  We thankfully found some more people to help us get our stuff out of the apartment by about 1:30.  Some very sweet sisters in our ward came and helped me with the remainder of the house (most had been done the couple of days before)and miraculously we finished about a second before the inspector came.  Thankfully we got a full refund of our deposit!  He told me that he didn’t care when we left as long as it was by midnight which is very good because of drama #2.



1. My friend Amy moved the fridge back for me (I know I’m a little bit of a wimp when I’m pregnant). We were cleaning behind it and I couldn’t believe the dust bunnies!  There was one huge flat one that wouldn’t vacuum up and then I realized IT HAD A TAIL!  I screamed my blood curdling scream and got John (the only remaining guy besides Jared at that point) to take it out.  He got it with two sticks and then Jared came in and we explained the situation and he cleaned it up with some disinfectant.  I was sure their was a peculiar smell in my apartment.  I’m totally grossed out!

2. Once the inspection was over, Jared came into the apartment to tell me that there just wasn’t enough room in the 16-foot truck for all of our things.  When you read on the truck description that a 16-foot truck is good for a 2-3 bedroom apartment—don’t be fooled like we were!  He ended up on the phone for quite a while trying to get a hold of Penske to get a bigger truck.  When we finally were told that we could get a 26-footer, the RS President (thank you Angie), Jared, and I called around to find some guys to help us unload and reload the truck.  Then Angie, Jared and I went out and started unloading the truck.  Once guy showed up and then Jared took the truck and more guys showed up so we moved the stuff outside our door to right where the truck was to be parked.  Once Jared came back there were even more guys there to help us reload the truck and it went pretty fast.  Thank you!  Thank you to everyone who helped us get out including Brooke who kept us fed and Kristal who watched Christian!



We got in the truck and went to our shed and picked up all of the baby things we would need in the next year.  Then we stopped by to say good-bye to my grandma before we left.  After that, we were on our way to Kanabe.

Tip: Expect a lot of delays when you’re pregnant and driving a car with a three-year-old who’s newly potty trained.  Hopefully, if you’re following a truck it has a cap at 70 mph and the speed limit is 85 mph…it helps to catch up with them after potty breaks!

We got into Kanabe by 12:30 a.m.  I’m so glad we decided long ago to break up the driving.

The next morning we left around 9:30 and got into Phoenix by 6:00 pm (Utah) time.  The wonderful thing was that it was Utah time and not AZ time because they don’t do daylight savings here!  So were were actually here at the time we originally planned.  Nice how things work out.



The elders from our new ward were here right at 6 pm ready to help us unload.  The manager of our apartments is this cute lady named Anna who was very impressed by the help we received from our church and she was very sweet herself and made dinner for us.  Very thoughtful of her!

So far, everyone here has been quite welcoming and kind to us which I very much appreciate.  I’m so glad that I belong to the church I do….though not all people in it are very thoughtful, there are many gems that I’ve met that I’m so grateful for!



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Sep. 6th, 2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
I didn't know you were moving, but glad you made it safely!
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