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Fall Withdrawal


I honestly have felt really crazy when I go into stores lately and I see all of this Fall/Halloween stuff all around.  It feels like I’m in a time warp and it’s all just a joke that it is October and that it’s the middle of fall when it’s finally down to 80 degrees in the day–time here.  The only real indication of the fall season is that it is dark by 6 pm now. 


I’m missing out on my favorite season…And it’s driving me crazy!!!!


Jared and I have been having some discussions about our ideal places to live and now that I have been here in the hot place for a while I know that the most important criteria on my list of the perfect place to live has to have


#1 Mountains that I can see the majority of the time


#2 Four Seasons


Yes, living in a place that never gets really cold has it’s perks like, you can pretty much depend on the weather being nice for whatever activity you have planned but call me a stick in the mud, I really do adore rainy “bad” weather.

I’ve been trying to plan a week to drive up to Utah to see my family and the Fall leaves before they disappear but everything keeps getting in the way.  I’ve been put in the primary and they, seriously, have an activity planned during each weekend of this month.  No kidding!  I would love to beg out but as there are only about four teachers in the whole ward that show up consistently, I feel really guilty about not going.  Especially since every activity that is announced the teachers are told that “It’s important that all teachers be there”.  Why don’t they consult said teachers about having every weekend taken up?  I really only want to find somewhere that’s has Fall weather.  That’s all.


Prize-Winning Pumpkins


Well, in the hopes of remedying my withdrawal, Jared and I took Christian to a “pumpkin patch”.  It wasn’t like the ones I’m used to where you pick your pumpkin off the vine but it was more of a set-up with the pumpkins displayed decoratively on hay-bails.  Cute but not quite what I was hoping for.IMG_1299They had a “hay ride” and the weirdest thing about that was the majority of the farm that we were taken past was a palm-tree area.  Not very fall-like if you ask me.  There were some fun things for kids such as a maze built out of hay bails and the kids could feed animals and decorate a small-sized pumpkin.  They also had some cute painted boards decorating the place.


Christian was thrilled to see how tall he was…I don’t think it was very accurate the way that he was standing…



Christian the Scarecrow!


Christian being cheesy after feeding animals


We did get some cute photos of Christian despite all my whining and it was fun.  I just miss fall!

Afterwards we stopped by the “In and Out”.  It was really good, and not badly priced!  I hope that I don’t go too crazy missing my favorite season.


Pretending to be animals


I guess we’ll find out next year where we will be living for the next few years and I’ll have to see if I become a “sun-bird” since I can’t see missing my favorite season every year.


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Oct. 16th, 2009 06:33 am (UTC)
When you mention primary activities every weekend, I can't help but think of a talk President Packer gave a few years ago relating to that. I'm not sure how the primary presidency can be given the message very tactfully, but putting so many events on their calendar suggests they need to think about it.
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