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Christian’s Halloween Costume ‘09

I am so relieved!  Yesterday, I finished the last bit of Christian’s Halloween Costume for this year.  I meant to have it done earlier in the month but I got sick with a cold for about the first two weeks of October and just wasn’t up to sewing.  I was trying to get him to be a dragon since I had a pattern for that and it was from the same pattern I made last year and the year before so I knew it would be quick.  But alas, he did not conform to my ideas.  A while ago he watched The Disney Three Musketeers with Mickey, Donald and Goofy and decided he wanted to be a Musketeer.  As luck would have it, I had bought a pattern at a pattern sale when I first got my sewing machine that includes a Musketeer Costume.  So though it was more tedious than I had originally planned, I made Christian a Musketeer Costume out of it and also a hat from a pattern I already had for one as well.

 IMG_1333  My Handsome Musketeer 

 Copy of IMG_1344  Copy of IMG_1322 copy

Of course, once I get started on something I can’t stop, so after a while of sewing a doublet and tubard, I decided to make the other pieces in the pattern so that he could have a prince costume when he plays prince (which is actually one of his favorite games).  So here he is as a prince as well.

IMG_1313 copy

Prince Christian

I think my mom must have given me some kind of costume obsession where I just want things for my children to be able to dress up and play make-believe.  Playing with dress-ups was one of my favorite things to do as a child growing up.  We always had amazing costumes that my mom would sew for us as kids.  As I grew and was in drama for a while I still continued to have a love for costumes and dressing up.

Christian has been wearing his prince costume almost non-stop through-out the day though he does take it off to eat because he doesn’t want to get it ruined.  I’m really pleased that he’s enjoying it so much.


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Oct. 23rd, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
Those are great. I've just started doing costumes for Terran this year and I hope he really gets into it - so far he doesn't really "get it" but maybe that's good, as it gives me the freedom to do what I want instead of what he begs for, lol. At least Christian wants cool costumes like musketeers and royalty and not lame stuff like power rangers, etc (which comes of not watching a lot of tv - yet another good reason to axe the tube, although I too rely on it far too much.)
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