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Ever since we got back from Utah I’ve been having problems with getting swollen feet and ankles.  I’m not even sure why.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference what amount of water I drink or amount of exercise I get.  Some days I am swollen and some days I’m not.  Weird.  The weirdest day was a couple of days ago when I had one swollen ankle and one completely normal one.  How do you explain that?


Can you tell which ankle is swollen?  Oh well, at least my toenails are cute…


Warning this may be a little TMI for those of you not interested in my preparation for birthing.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that I went to meet my OB’s partner and I don’t like a few of the things he had to say.  I gave him a copy of my birthing preferences and I really didn’t like a couple of his responses.

First of all I offered to give him a copy incase he is the doctor who delivers my baby and he said “I’m willing to look at it but I’ll probably just lose it anyway”.  Okay, whatever.  That doesn’t make me feel like he really “cares” about whether or not he “happens” to be my doctor at delivery and if he even “cares” about my feelings on my birthing time.

Second thing was after he read through my preferences he said “well I have a problem with the last one,” (which is: I appreciate your patience in waiting for the placenta to detach naturally), “I prefer to “help” the afterbirth along by pulling the placenta out”. 

HELLO!  I’m so glad I put that last part in as an afterthought.  There is no reason on earth why he should have to “help” me birth my placenta!  This is my baby’s birth and I don’t need to feel rushed or pushed into having this baby any faster than nature intends.  I never had to have this discussion with my last doctor (whom I miss greatly).  After I gave birth to Christian he told me to go use the bathroom and try to get comfortable and then tell him when I felt like it was time to push for the afterbirth.  That’s the way it should be.  I never felt like he was rushing me.  Besides, whoever my doctor is, he/she is being paid ample for the amount of time they actually spend with me…even if I have a long labor.  I think doctors who rush you on your special day are morons.  Thus, I’ve been a little concerned.  I like my regular OB fine but if it happens to be his partner…I’d rather fire him!

This makes me wonder if I really should just change practitioners (again) or find a midwife.  Maybe I’m overreacting.

Any thoughts?


Here’s my birthing preferences for those who are interested in looking…

· Please no IV. A Saline Lock is fine.

· I would prefer intermittent monitoring (20) minutes on the monitor each hour).

· Please do not offer pain medication or ask me what my level of pain is. I know what my options are, and I will ask for medications if I need them.

· I would prefer not to have any drugs to “speed” labor along.

· I would like to eat and drink as I feel the need as birthing takes a lot of energy and I need to keep my strength up.

· Throughout my birthing, I would like to pick what position is the most comfortable for me at the time.

· …I do not want an episiotomy, but am willing to discuss its medical necessity if one should arise.

· I prefer not to have any “coached” pushing. Please allow me to have mother directed pushing.

· We will provide blankets and will dry our baby ourselves. Please allow me time to get to know my baby before removing him from my chest for newborn procedures.

· Please do not clamp or cut the umbilical cord until it has stopped pulsing. Birthing partner would like to do the honors as well.

· I appreciate your patience in waiting for the placenta to detach naturally.


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Dec. 10th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
Keep an eye on those feet and ankles! My OB was really concerned about my feet causing preclampsia and after tests, my fluid was low and I ended up having my baby early.

Regarding your OB's partner...speak up girl! You are paying this man, and therefore the job should be done to your expectations. If you feel comfy with your OB, talk to them about this, and maybe they can relate your concerns to the partner guy.

Your plan is what makes you feel comfy and you should do just that. But be prepared for some things not to go exactly as planned. My hospital wouldn't allow certain things, even if they were on my birth plan. Make it the happiest experience it can be, so you don't regret anything afterwards.
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