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6th Anniversary

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it has gone so fast.  I am so incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful husband.  These have been the best six years of my life so far.  I've never been so spoiled and I love it!  This past year has been pretty stressful with my student teaching and the move at Christmas but now I am excited to spend some time at home just being a mom and a wife (besides teaching privately on the weekends). 

What next year may bring....Collapse )</div>

In need of change?

Over the last month of my *cough* freedom from teaching.  Christian has been improving his dressing skills.  Now he not only can get undressed he can put on his own clothes.  This is a development from the last three days where I have picked out an outfit for him to wear and he puts it on.  I've never known him to prefer any of his clothes over the others.  Today, after he got dressed in an orange shirt and jeans that I had picked out, I went to work on one of my many projects.  A few minutes later he asked me to come in his room and "look".  He had changed into his purple "airplane" shirt and navy blue warm-ups and said "These are clothes for playing".  I guess he likes comfort.

New Apartment

Since my last post, I finished student teaching and moved to married student housing.  It's a lot smaller than the home that we were taking care of but I really like that everything in it is mine.  If I don't like the pictures on the walls I am at liberty to change them.  I can also paint the walls if I get an inclination to do so.  There are some really weird things about the design of this place such as the dryer hook-up in the master bedroom (which is why I decided that I really don't need a dryer), the lack of cupboards which has me involved in a love-hate relationship with ikea, and the cinderblock walls that make me feel like I'm in a regulation government building (oh wait! I am in a regulation government building!).  The point is it's not perfect but it has some great perks such as being quite close to the mountains, close to the University, a nice place for kids to play, our apartment is comfortably close to the police station, a good price for the laundry machine which is only a couple doors down.  I especially like the view.
  Here's the view from my bedroom window about an hour ago...Collapse )

11 Days and counting

I am getting very excited!  I only have eleven days left of student teaching!  I'm very happy to be getting to be finished with my degree.  The only thing I'm really worried about is my senior recital which is on Thursday.  I have been indoctrinating myself with recordings of my solo pieces so that I can sing them in my sleep.  I found out that my one of my friends totally failed his senior recital which totally freaks me out.  I talked to my advisor and he said not to worry about it unless a person shows a total complete lack of musicality whatsoever.  This makes me wonder if he's talking about correct notes technically or interpretation.  Dr. Ely says that it's actually hard to fail your senior recital...I guess we'll see on Thursday!  

Behavoristic Approaches

A few weeks ago in my student-teaching seminar class we had a guest speaker from Florida State University named Clifford Madsen. He gave quite an interesting presentation that I’ve been meaning to write about since I heard him speak. His main theme was that of measurable or empirical behaviors versus those of non-measurable or ideal behaviors. Obviously, he is a behaviorist—at least he believes in teaching through behaviorist tactics and teaches behavioral tactics to other teachers. Some people are repelled by the idea of behaviorism because it’s like the person is trying to “mold”, “brainwash”, or “condition” a person to be a certain way. This could be true though the person could always choose to do the opposite of what is intended.

            It’s very interesting because this speaker Dr. Madsen spoke about how some of the most influential people in the world from Hilter, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and Jesus Christ were all behaviorists. This is a very interesting point because Christ did teach us how to act. He didn’t just say “Be good” he said “…love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate of and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;…” Matt 5:44. Christ also gave us examples of righteous behaviors.

            Dr. Madsen made a good point that in order for a behavior to change we must instruct students to the behaviors that we would like to see before we consider taking their actions personally or get frustrated. I’m sure going to try to remember this from now on.


How I feel this applies to my life...Collapse )

Break for Now

Congrats to Eric and Ginny on their new baby Beatrix!  I'm excited to see the new addition to our family.  We now have more girls than boys in our family.

Thank goodness for Fall Break!!! I have three days off from teaching and I'm so grateful.  I really like teaching, the kids are good but the paper work is what is driving me made.  My mentor uses her aids to do correcting if she taught that class but since I've been teaching the theory class she is having me correct everything!  I had to make packets for the Guitar kids because so many of the are missing assignments that F's are the most common grade and it's just because the kids don't do their work which drives me nuts when we give them plenty of time in class to work on assignments.  I'm just so glad that I don't have to deal with anymore grading for a couple of days, practice my violin to my hearts content, and get my house in order.  My senior recital is the 4th of December at 4 pm on the 4th floor of the music building if any of you are interested so hopefully I can get everything ready for that day.  I'm supposed to have enough music to "fill a half an hour but go over no more than 30 minutes" what in the heck? Great guideline huh?  Anyway, I'm off to the dentist so hopefully I don't have too many problems but we'll see.

Are you ready to vote?

I thought this clip totally illustrates why I'm so frustrated about this year's presidential campaign....Time for Some Campaigning...Collapse )

Student Teaching Update

So I've been student teaching for a month now.  I can't believe I've survived in some ways.  Every day seems to go way to fast and I feel totally over extended.  Thankfully I am doing pretty well if I do say so myself.  I'm sure my practice from being a mom has helped me the most.  I really like the mentor teacher I'm with though I'm quite concerned about something...She hasn't shown up to class for the last three days.  She's also missed random days since the semester began but I feel a little bit like her babysitter.
Because I'm not hired by the district there has to be a substitute there which is fine except that she has never forewarned me on the mornings that she's not going to be there or anything so I have to come up with glorious lesson plans and figure out what areas I want to cover in the extra time allotted me.  If I wasn't such a planner this wouldn't bother me but I'm paying for this experience and I'm not getting any feedback when this happens (though I'm getting the non-verbal feed back that the kids must like me because they are now trying to hang out in the office and talk about stuff which is making it even harder to get lessons planned last minute).  Come to find out from a student that last year she had cancer and was having treatments.  It's fine with me if she doesn't want to give me her medical history I'd just like to have some idea of what to look forward to for classes.

The kids are really fun and I enjoy teaching.  I've got to get faster at transposition but I'm sure it will come.  The A.P. Theory class is by far my most favorite to teach which is good.  I really miss teaching strings but the Jr. High teacher has requested that I come and help him on the days that he introduces the bow.  That will be lots of fun.  This weekend I'm going to make some "back up" lesson plans for each class just in case she gone more this week.  I hope my mentor is okay.  I guess I might also be freaked out because of a comment that she made the first week of school that when I was commenting that the chances of getting a job in the middle of the semester are pretty much nil and she said "You never know if a teacher is going to get pregnant or something will come up in the middle of the year and will need a replacement".  At the time I thought "What are the chances of me being the person they want to hire!?!"  Now I'm wondering if such a thing might happen and if I'd actually want to take the job if it were offered to me.  Hopefully all of my worries are for naught.

More Tests

Well, I've been to see the doctor for my second opinion to find out why I'm so freaking tired all of the time as well as my strange feeling.  He thinks the strange feeling bowls moving as well.  Weird.  I've also had this strange feeling of tightness in my chest when I lay down flat and that I have a very difficult time finishing a phrase on all of the wind instruments.  He says it could be one of three things: 1. It could be some kind of lung disease either because of my rods restricting lung expansion or something else 2. I could actually have asthma that has gone undiagnosed 3. Feeling tightness in the chest while lying down can be a symptom of heart disease.
I've been prescribed an inhaler to see if that helps my symptoms and I'm going to have my lungs examined.  If my lung tests turn up nothing then we'll talk about getting some tests done for my heart since they're so expensive he suggested that we make sure we cover all of the other bases first before tossing out a lot of money.  I like that.  Some doctors are all into getting as much tested as possible and spending lots of money asap.  I like this new doctor, he seems very thorough and he doesn't seem to take lightly what I say or think I'm just a crazy person.  He's not much older looking than myself which kind of surprised me when he first came in just because most of my own doctors have been older.  He did say that having a two-year-old could just be what's making me tired but with the tightness in my chest he said it worries him a little too much to just give me a clean bill.  I guess we'll just see.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my Birthday.  I'm happy to say that it is as sunny as every other birthday that I remember.  I had a friend through elementary to high school who's birthday was in April and she would cry that each year it would rain if not on then close to her birthday.  What can I say?  At least there's not usually any sweltering heat waves going on at that time of year but a person can find something bad about anything if they want to.
I hope I've grown intellectually this past year I know that I'm starting to look a little older sadly.  At least I can say that this past year has been very productive for my violin playing as well as my patience.  I have now been driving for a decade so that's kind of cool to think about as well.